I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung over at our Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “confident.” We would love to have you join us.

She gracefully glides across the stage. Each movement flows with the rhythm of the music. Her eyes catch her family in the audience watching. A smile spreads across her face. She is so happy and confident.

It hadn’t always been this way. As a little girl, she was timid. Scared even. Wondering what her audience would think. But over time and as she grew up, this love of dance brought her a newfound confidence.

This girl isn’t anyone in particular, but she does remind me of many of my church kids. Many of my girls are dancers. But there are others who love hockey, swimming, track, basketball, and so many other sports.

But friends, confidence and dedication are not just found in sports. It is found in a love of theater, a love of music and so much more. For me, I found my confidence in theater. Teachers who saw it in me before I even saw it in my myself.

My prayer is that today’s children/youth know they can absolutely without a doubt find confidence in Gods love for them.

16 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I see at times a confident one,
    whose star is set on course,
    while with my life undone,
    I ride a tameless horse.
    I do not know what lies ahead,
    no map can ever tell,
    except to say I’ll soon be dead
    and ere that will be Hell.
    Asurance, though, has not gone’
    to a place I cannot follow;
    I know there’ll be a coming dawn
    in a green and leafy hollow.
    There I’ll find eternal grace,
    and touch my Saviour’s smiling face.

  2. “My prayer is that today’s children/youth know they can absolutely without a doubt find confidence in Gods love for them.” Amen, Tara. I totally agree. Blessings to you!

  3. Great thoughts, Tara! So many of us mourn not knowing or assimilating that message when we were young. Confidence can be hard to recover once crushed, unless we root our confidence firmly in God. May you continue to influence young lives in positive ways. xo

  4. I was shy and timid as well, but when I tell people this they are surprised. My training started early with mom pushing my siblings and me onto the church stage to sing a song. We mostly hated it then but the experience was helpful. Then 4H required presentations and speeches and even showing cattle all building on confidences bit by bit. It really took marrying a preacher for my confidence to thrive.

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