Community Celebration and Rocky Mountain Travels

I spent the weekend in my hometown; Ashley, North Dakota as they celebrated their 125th. It was a wonderful fun-filled weekend. I reconnected with several of my classmates from the graduating class of 1997. I got to spend lots of quality time with my family. Yesterday I also participated in our community worship service with two female pastors who grew up in Ashley. Pretty cool that three women led the service and even cooler that this community led up little girls to lead in the church. (I’ll try to capture more of the event in coming days!).

After church I bolted home to Fargo-Moorhead to catch a plane to Denver so I could attend the second week of the Lutheran Academy of the Rockies. I made it home with plenty of time to make my flight. Needless to say though Mother Nature had other plans in mind!!! Due to weather at DIA, we sat in the Tarmack for 45 minutes, then another hour and a half delay, a reboard onto the plane followed by an immediate deboarding due to another hour plus delay. Luckily the third time was a charm and we left Fargo at 9:35 pm when we were supposed to originally leave at 5:30 pm. Arrived in Denver at 10:40 pm or so. Made hotel reservations and got to my room around 1 am. Up at 6 am, back to DIA and finally caught my shuttle to Estes. Now loving and taking in the Rocky Mountain air until Thursday (which is today-I wrote this on Tues) when the trek home begins. Luckily I’m driving back with friends!

So that’s a quick update…hopefully will update again soon!

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