Come out and Play Mr. Sun!

I wish the sun would stop playing hide-n-seek today. One minute it peeks its head around the clouds. Then the next minute, it is as cloudy as can be! I am so ready for spring and summer to be here! Growing up in ND, I know that winter can last forever and I usually don’t mind that but this year I am so ready for spring to be here! I guess winter has just been wayy toooo long! I’m tired of being cooped up inside. I want to be able to ride my bike and play at the park. Maybe part of too has to do with the flood. It just would be nice for life to return to normal. Signs pf that are definetely happening as I see contingency dikes and sandbag walls starting to come down. It would be nice for spring to be here for good and for life to finally get back to a sense of normal!

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