Church Olympians Friday Five

Deb at RevGalBlogPals writes, “With the Olympic Games in Sochi just around the corner, I started thinking about all the athletes who attend the Games and never win a medal. The hours of practicing, sacrifice and dedication don’t get noticed by the media. Yet, for the love of their sport, they persevere.

Then I began to reminisce about the “Olympians” in the Church. Perhaps you can think of faithful ones who never get up to preach, sing or read, but faithfully come, week after week, to serve. It seems to me they deserve a medal of sorts.

So, for this week’s Friday Five, share stories or memories of those “medalists” of the Church who have encouraged you in their faithfulness.”

(1) My momma! Even though she has lived her whole life with a mental illness, she has always been the most faith filled woman I know! Love her to pieces!

(2) J and B. A sweet older couple. At the last church I served they were always willing to help out. B volunteered throughout the week. And J would always bring us coffee/tea and goodies when B worked. We always had to stop and take a break with them. Though they are now getting older, they still are very involved in the church.

(3) The Church quilters! At all the congregations I have served these ladies are awesome. I don’t know the quilters at my new church yet but hopefully soon will get to know them. I love that at my past call they made baby blankets to give to the newly baptized as a symbol that they will always be wrapped in a community of faith. When I took my new call, they made sure I got a quilt to take with me. Every time I wrap up in it (and that has been a lot this winter) I think of that community of faith that has blessed my life incredibly!

(4) The Home and Families of the congregation I serve (and have served) I love watching families engage in faith conversation and watching them as they are equipped to pass on faith and values. I know they are busy with life so it is so awesome to see them take the time together.

(5) My friends Renee and Jon. I know that this has not been an easy journey for them. Renee and Jon and Renee’s first husband Ben were in Haiti when the earthquake hit and Ben lost his life that day. I  know that they have mourned and grieved and even doubted in the midst of this all. Yet they are both incredible leaders for this church. THANKS BE TO GOD! 🙂

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  1. what a wonderful list – I love the idea of the quilt at baptism (or, in my tradition, baby dedication). I am going to tuck that idea away.

    Thanks for sharing the ways God is at work in your community!

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