Childhood Memories

Wow a whole week without posting. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and hope you all will have a Happy New Year. Im back home after a couple of days visiting family etc. It is always good to spend time with friends and family. It was busy though. My dad and his gf bought a house and are going to move in a couple months so everything my sister and I are storing had to be taken care of. Saturday I helped my sis clean her room. She has posters, etc on all four walls so that took awhile. Then we bagged up some clothes we are going to take to the salvation army, went to the store and got boxes to pack stuff up. We packed up our old stuffed animals, and books and stuff and labeled the boxes so Dad and C can put them in storage in the new house. It was funny cleaning the room because my sister and I used to share it. We were like how did we ever fit two of us in here. It brought back tons of memories and emotions. It was crazy. Some of the stuffed animals of course have wonderful memories. There’s the big Pooh doll that my dad won my sister at a fair. There is the Wrinkles dog that my sister got when she was taking speech therapy. The Speech therapist often rewarded them with prizes. Wrinkles used to be bigger than Ann but now she is much taller than him. Then there was the file box of when my sister and I used to play Dr. We came up with the strangest illness etc. It was fun to look back at that time in our lives for a little while. A lot of the stuff we saved is for when we have children…the doll clothes that actually were our baby clothes etc. Time sure does fly. Hard to believe that my sis and I were once that age. Even though we had to pack up our stuff, Im looking forward to when Dad and C finally move in to their new house.

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