A Cheeky Friday Five!

The RevGals came up with yet another fun Friday Five! Below you will find five phrases seen or heard by Songbird on her British holiday. Use your imagination to define them. Points will be granted for humor. If you are one of our British RevGals, don’t play, but please e-mail either Songbird or Kathryn to let us know of any definitions you find particularly amusing or inventive. There will be lovely prizes provided by Kathryn (Diocesan magazine, St. M’s notelets, history of St. M’s, parish magazine–come on Barbara Pym fans, I know you want that last one!!!), so do your best!

Adverse Camber:When an individual on snow skis moves in an opposite direction of the skies. Adverse camber causes the skis to pull away from the skier. Not exactly what you want to happen when you are on a ski slope.

Butts Wynd:What happens when you are sitting at a restaurant and the individual sitting at the table before you left there cigar butts in the ash tray. Yes the ash tray may have been taken away from the table but the butts smell is still smelt in the area thus a butts wynd!

Plague Church: A plague church is a church that constantly bothers others trying to get them to attend their services and come to their church. A plague church will stop at nothing to get new members!

Free House: A house that anyone is welcome to occupy without paying. Since it is free, it can become quite crowded at times.

Mind the Gap:Means to pay close attention to our thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination when shopping at the gap in order not to spend too much money.

Not sure how good these are but at least I gave it a shot!

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