Can These Bones Live?

Can these bones live? I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this story, my mind immediately goes to scenes unfolding in stores or on television during the holiday of Halloween. But that isn’t what this text is really about.

Dead is dead! Once we leave this life for heaven, we will not return until Christ comes again. Our bones do not come back to life. But I can’t help but reflect on this text in a new way…will our bones live while we serve here on earth?

Will we use our hands and our feet to reach out to all Gods people? Will we trust in the promise that life not death; light not darkness has the ultimate word? Will our bones dance to the glory of God? Will our bones tell the story of who and whose we are?

It’s amazing to me the power God has on this world. God reminds us that “Easter says you can put death in the grave, but it won’t stay there.” In other words, these bones will and do live on. They live on as we tell the story over and over again.

Walking through a cemetery, headstones tell the stories of God’s people. These headstones and graves hold the love of a beloved parent, grandparent, friend, etc. They are not the bodies and bones of ghosts, but are the bodies and bones of Gods beloved children.

During these days as we journey to the cross, will we remember the blood that was shed for us? Will we cling to the promise and hope of the resurrection? It is in this resurrection promise that we live for Gods mercy, justice, kindness, love and grace.

So can these bones live?

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