Calendar Friday Five

For today’s FF, tell us about five calendar themes that you like to see hanging on your walls or going with you to appointments, or that you WISH existed to adorn and accompany your life.

(1) My handy dandy date planner. When I was serving at DLC, we always got one for each of the staff. In May, we would sit down and plan out the next year. I used that planner all the time. Since starting at a new call, I went and got myself a new handy dandy date planner.

(2) The calendar on my phone. It’s not really fancy but once it is in my phone, it is also transferred to the date planner. Hard to forget when it is in two different places.

(3) The inspirational calendars that my youth at DLC have been selling for several years. The pictures are fantastic. We always got a free sample so I would use that one in my office.

(4) Any fun calendar! Last year I bought myself a Gooseberry Patch calendar with recipes. It was fun. Sometimes I would get a calendar for Christmas from my sis…Precious Moments, kitties, etc.

(5) Hmmm I guess if I could have a calendar to WISH for it would be a calendar that would predict when I am going to find my Mr. Right etc!

3 thoughts on “Calendar Friday Five

  1. There's nothing like a calendar with beautiful photographs, IMO. I wonder if your fundraising calendars are the same as the ones my former church used to get in the mail for fundraising purposes. It was great quality with fabulous photographs and quotes. I miss it! Thanks for playing today!

  2. Hi, I love your play and I love everything Gooseberry Patch… how about you? This is a F5 I wish i could have done, but yesterday morning we woke up to no internet…flaky landlady decided to cancel, so I spent a couple hours at ATT kiosk at the mall, and hopefully will be back online at home Monday morning, but truly thankfully, the library has lots of computers.

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