A Bulleted List

I decided it was time for another post and I have a few things I’m thinking about so I guess you all are going to have to put up with my bulleted list.

* I cant believe Melinda got voted off American Idol.

* I am so ready for summer to be here. I need to take some vacation and visit some friends.

* I am excited for the Greys Season Finale and the ER season finale!

* I have a busy Sunday…last Sunday School class, SS awards, graduation recognition, etc

* I wish the phone call I’m suppose to get would happen soon so I don’t sit in front of my phone all the time.

* I am ready to see all the awesome work my dad and C did on their house. C has put a lot of work into the house.

* I am thinking I need to visit the Mothership sometime in the near future!

*I am thinking its the end of the day and time for me to head home!

2 thoughts on “A Bulleted List

  1. And to build on that, when you do visit the Mothership, please give all my greetings, too. I haven’t talked to anyone in awhile. And be prepared to wander around lost for a little while: I think they move offices on us everytime we leave just to keep life interesting for those people still there!!

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