Brave Is….

As you know, I have been working my way through Annie Down’s book “Let’s All Brave. And I cannot put it down. It also has made me realize how many amazingly brave people I have in my life.

Brave is…taking that leap of faith when you are not sure where that leap of faith is going to lead.

Brave is…sharing about an infant loss when it is the last thing you want to do and when
the tears are still wet upon your face.

Brave is…taking a trip to a place you feel called to serve God.

Brave is…hearing the call to ministry and following through with that call.

Brave is…moving on from a relationship.

Brave is…saying yes rather no.

Brave is…also sometimes saying no when you would rather say yes.

Brave is…being authentic and sharing the real you.

Brave is…opening your heart to a child and bringing that child home to be a part of your family.

Brave is…breaking the silence and sharing your authentic self and your own battles with depression and/or a  mental illness.

Brave is…sharing your faith story to a huge crowd when it scares you to death.

Brave is…

What is brave to you my friends?

2 thoughts on “Brave Is….

  1. Brave is following God NO MATTER WHAT! No matter where He leads you…no matter what He asks you to do…no matter where He asks you to go. Even if it doesn't make sense…even if it takes you away from your friends…even if it's scary…even if it stretches every part of your being. You say "Yes" to Him and bravely go with Him. Brave is following Him…period!

    Amen! Love this post. So many people in this world indeed are brave in both big and little things that they do. I found what you wrote so inspiring to look at bravery all around us!


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