Body of Christ Given, Blood of Christ Shed For You

I need to do dishes and get rid of some pesky ants but before I do that, I want to share a great story I heard today. And before I share this story, I want to let you all know that my intentions are not to offend anyone but rather to share what I think is a good humurous story. Okay so here goes nothing. The story takes place in a rural church here in the Midwest. Now often times members of the congregation are asked to take care of communion etc. This week a man was helping out. He went to take the cover off the wine and thought to himself, boy that wine sure looks dark. Then he took the cover off the bread and it wasnt bread……it was chocolate cake, but what was he to do? There was nothing else around so the pastor had to proceed like nothing happened. He communioned each member, handing them a piece of the chocolate cake, “Body of Christ given for you” and then handed them a cup of brandy saying, “Blood of Christ shed for you.” He figured that it had to be okay because there was flour in the cake and the brandy was just distilled wine. Now thats got to make for some interesting communion dont you think?!?! Now that Ive shared my story, back to killing ants and washing dishes! YUCK!

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