A Bloggy Makeover

Well I decided it was time to give my blog a new blog. I hope you like it. I sure do. I am sad that my Huskers lost by 2 points on Saturday but boy was it a good game. Fun to watch! I cant believe Halloween is almost here. Means Christmas will be here before we know it…crazy huh. I like Halloween. Some of my fave memories are when my seminary friends and I went to a haunted forest, it was so much fun and the poor guys couldnt hear when we were done because us girls were screaming so loud. Another time some friends had a costume party and Ill never forget one of our good guy friends coming with a huge fro. It was crazy! I really need to get some furniture for my apt. My living room sure looks bare and I am getting sick of sitting on the floor to watch tv. I have a chair but its not that comfortable. I wish there was an IKEA near here! Well just wanted to let everyone know that I gave my blog a makeover.

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