Will see how long this lasts? I’ve been so good about posting lately. Hopefully I can keep this up!

Not too much has been on my mine lately so this will be a short post. However my grandpa (my dad’s dad) celebrated his 80th birthday this weekend. Wow!! I love my grandpa so much and have learned so much from him. Such a humble, hard-working man! And as I remember Grandpa’s life and celebrate his birth, I can’t help but think about life in general and the blessings that come in the midst of life. My family is such a blessing! Where would I be without them?!?!

But, not only, are my family a blessing, my friends are as well. I have to admit in high school and elementary school I was not one of the popular ones. I did have friends etc but I was often picked on. (I wish I could show those people who I am and what I’ve become!) And because of that, I think I often held back who I really am etc when being placed in a new situation. However after camp and most especially seminary, I think I really began to realize that I could have friends who loved and treasured me for me!!! The neat thing about it is TODAY I look around and realize how amazing it is I have such wonderful friends and family. Yeah I think I do question if I am really ME around them but then I realize that I am ME!!!! Recently I was reflecting on those friendships and realized how many more blessings I have in my life than I ever imagined. Some of those blessings, it seems to me, I didn’t even realize where there. WOW!!!!

Thank you for being my friend and letting me be who God created me to be without compromising that. I hope that I have done the same for you! God bless you all!!
Let us all be blessed to be a blessing to others!

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