Behold, I Make All Things New

“Life was good. Death was brutal. And resurrection was worth it.”–Annie F. Downs (Via the In Real Life Friended Simulcast)

On Saturday, as I watched the simulcast of the in real life event, these words echoed in my heart and soul. How often have we found ourselves enjoying life; things are good, maybe even great and then death comes our way or the virtual car of life we are driving veers off course?

The reality is that it can stop us in our tracks. It can be totally expected or it can seem to come out of no where. It is in these moments of death that we find ourselves wondering if life and resurrection are possible again. The truth is we trust in the promise of resurrection but in the midst of death, it is hard to see resurrection.

Death has this way of jolting us in ways we never imagined. I can think of the many times in my life when I have found myself living in liminal space; in the midst of unexpected change. Life was going along well, and then all of a sudden death came my way. And that death was indeed brutal. I found myself wondering if I would ever see the light again; wondering if resurrection would ever come again.

Yet resurrection reminds us that death does not have the last word. I am once again reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Clarence W. Hall. “Easter says you can put death in the grave, but it won’t stay there.” God and only God has the power to overcome death and the grave.

And when we believe in that promise, we see that resurrection does come. In my moments of liminal space; jagged grace; and change, I have seen new life emerge from the death. “Behold, I make all things new.” Our God is indeed a God of new life and resurrection. There are indeed times when I wish that death was not a part of the journey of life. It is so incredibly painful; whether it be the loss of a friend, a job, someone we love or whatever it may be. Yet out of our brokenness, out of our death, God brings new life and resurrection. And as Annie reminds us, resurrection is worth it.

“Death is not the end of the story. It never is.”–Annie F. Downs

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