Beautifully In Over our Heads

I am a farm girl! We lived in town but my dad moved  our family from Nebraska to North Dakota when my sister and I were little so he could help his dad farm. My sister and I spent our fair share of time helping on the farm. My dad always recruited us to help move cattle from one field to another. It was a hard job. A lot of times the baby calves would not follow their mommas to the next space. They would stubbornly wonder off on their own which made life chaotic. I lost count of the  number of times I saw my dad chasing those cows and calves with a pickup truck; the truck door hanging half open.

Like those baby calves, sometimes we want to follow our own way. We think we know the way for us. But the truth is we often get lost. Like hiking in the mountains, we take the wrong turn and end up somewhere we didn’t expect or somewhere we shouldn’t be. The truth is that God always knows the way though. In fact, God calls us to get out of the boat and follow him.

The story of Jesus and his disciples in the boat is a great story. It is a story that reminds me; reminds all of us of the power of God. God calmed the storm. God called Peter to come out onto the water. God calls us to come out on that water too. But so often like Peter we don’t trust God and begin to sink. We need to trust fully and be beautifully in over our heads.

Because the truth is that when we trust and allow God to let us get beautifully in over our heads, amazing incredible things begin to happen. Like my friend KA and her family who have been called to start a new church…talk about being beautifully in over your head. Like my friends who have gone overseas to serve God…again beautifully in over their heads. And sometimes it is as simple as realizing that it is time to leave one place and start anew somewhere else. I tell you in those moments I realized that I was beautifully in over my head too.

The first summer I worked at camp, we took our staff picture standing on the island in the middle of the lake. The water was so high it looks like we are walking on water; like we truly followed Jesus onto the water. On our way back, our office secretary was getting into the pontoon when she fell in. I remember she laughed about it. What a great reminder that God calls us to always follow him and sometimes following him means getting beautifully in over our heads.

18 thoughts on “Beautifully In Over our Heads

  1. Oh that song! And my Grandpa and Great Grandpa were cattle brand inspectors… they spent much of their lives hanging out of trucks and looking for strays! Just one more thing we have in common!

  2. Tara, the quote you have by Laura Ingalls Wilder… I just prayed about a concern, a time where I'm being called to trust, get out of the boat, and walk on water… a time to tell the truth… oh my, God is so GOOD! It's the answer to my prayers! Oh what a blessing you are! Oh Lord, please bless Tara like she's never known before! AMEN!!

    • Oh Shannon, God is indeed so good. I am so glad that the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote was the answer to your prayers. God sure works in funny ways sometimes, doesn't he? Who would have thought that my blog header would hold the answer to your prayers. Thank you for the prayers. Love you friend!

  3. I was born and raised a Southern California girl, but a piece of my heart longs for farm life – maybe it's just for that beautifully scenery and pace of life. And oh yes, over our heads – I've gone head over heels following after Him and while I haven't always ended up where I thought I would, I'm grateful He called me out still. Great words, Tara!

    • Tiffany, you come visit me sometime in North Dakota and I will take you to our family farm so you can experience some farm life. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany!

  4. Thank you for sharing this Tara! And the beautiful thing about following Jesus is that we can be totally in over our heads, and completely free and totally alive in His love. Thank you for sharing your stories of farm life with us. I also like your reminder that you might get a little wet when you step out of the boat. It reminds me of my Dad advising me to change into "work clothes" before I helped him, He knew I might get a little dirty. I hope you have a lovely weekend. -Jolene

  5. I love your words here…"sometimes following him means getting beautifully in over your heads." I needed these words today. My heart is encouraged. Thank you! Following at FMF.

  6. I love what you said about being in over our heads. Sometimes when I take that step to follow Him, I am not sure if that being in over my head was such a good move. But Jesus still calls us to walk upon the waters. I was just listening to that song by Bethel Music, "You Make Me Brave." Your post makes me think of that song. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Carrie
    P.S. What a great experience to be able to grow up on a farm!

    • I hadn't heard that song until someone shared it with me when I told them my one word 365 for 2015 is "brave." That song is one of my mantras this year. Blessings to you too Carrie!

    • Karrilee shared a song on her blog earlier this week and the song talks about being beautifully in over our heads. It has stuck with me. I love that image too!

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