Be Gentle

Learning to be gentle with oneself is no easy task. I’ll admit that I am harder on myself than anyone else ever could be. Every day of 2014 I have tried to live into my #oneword 365 “gentle.” Some days I have been more successful than others.

Part of being “gentle” with myself is trying not to focus so much on why certain things haven’t happened for me yet…like finding my Mr. Right and starting a family. I’ll admit that I think about these things more than I should. So I’m trying to learn to continue to be more “gentle” and not worry about these things.

Yes, most days I have to listen deeply for that voice that says, “Be gentle, be gentle with yourself.” That gentle voice often gets muffled by the worlds distractions or my own thoughts. My prayer is that by living into this word I will be blessed!

(Some days I wonder if my #oneword365 should have been “courage.” But that is a post for another day!)

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