Back on the Information Super Highway

Well hello all the computer doctor fixed my computer and now I am back in the blogging world. Hard to believe how much I like to use my computer until I didnt have it. Work is going well. I definetely cannot complain. The people of the congregation have been so welcoming to me and made me feel like this is my home. However I must admit I do miss having all my good friends around. Im glad you are all only a phone call, email etc away from me. I am helping out with Bible School this week. They are only using me as an extra set of hands which is nice. Its a great way for me to meet the kids etc. They sure wiped me out tonight though. I barely can keep my eyes open. My installation at the church will be June 25th. Enough about that though. The weather here in ND has been really not good….no rain etc so please pray we get some rain soon! I miss my good friends so much. I hope that those waiting on calls get a call really really soon. I remember what it was like to wait and that was hard so I pray that God provides for you really soon. I think Im going to head to bed and stuff. Hope to blog again real soon now that Im back on the Internet. Take Care!

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