Back from hiatus!

Hello all! Its been a crazy couple of weeks so I feel like Ive been on hiatus. So hope that my readers are glad Im back. I have a lot to say but not a whole lot of time. I moved a bunch of stuff to Beulah this weekend and will be heading back tomorrow so once my computer is up and running Ill fill you in. Hope you all had a good weekend especially my friends who graduated from the seminary. I wish I could have been there! Well just wanted to let you know that Im still here. Miss you all lots! God bless!!

3 thoughts on “Back from hiatus!

  1. Welcome back!

    Thanks for the bulletin from your consecraration. I felt a little sad to be so far away, but I am happy for you!

    God’s blessings on your new ministry!

  2. You were there in spirit!
    Especially with all of the cards that you sent us! Thanks for your thoughtfulness!!!
    Hope things go well in Beulah!

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