Day 27 of 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “better.”

“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.” This chorus started playing in my head and heart when I read today’s word prompt. This catchy song reminds me of all the people that gave gone before me.

Grandpa Sam, Mom’s friend Karen, Crystal’s mom Renee, Grandma Bess, My cousins little ones Maia and Jack, my friend Justin, my high school English teacher Barb, my high school newspaper advisor Jane, my friend Ben, Professor Ralph, Laura and Rod, Rachel, Stephanie, our dear friend Jim, Grandpa Wilbert. These are only some of the names of individuals that have blessed my life and are no longer on this side of heaven.

I can’t wait to see them again. I can’t wait to see heaven. Most of all, I can’t wait to sit and break bread with Jesus.

Unconditional Love

Day 26 of 31. Today’s word prompt is “accept.”

Will you accept me for who I am?
Will you like all my quirks?
Will you accept me kitties? Or would you rather have a dog?
Will you like how I need to write words on a page?

Together can we foster kids? Or adopt a child?
How will you show me that you love me?

Will you fulfill my dreams and meet me at the altar?

Will I hear those words “I do?”

Acceptance is important
In my forever love.

We must love each other for who God created us to be.
Unconditional love grounded in God’s love.


Day 25 of 31 Days and this week’s Five Minute Friday. Today’s word prompt is “wait.”

“How long, Lord, will you forget me forever? How long, oh Lord?” These words found in Scripture are words that I find myself clinging to as I wait for God to answer the desires of my heart.

I have even begun journeys to fulfill these desires only to have them stalled. I have begun the process to do foster care twice. I find myself putting this process on hold yet again. It makes me wonder what God is up to.

Waiting is never easy. I thought I was pretty good at waiting until that waiting became longer than expected. That waiting is more than a few minutes, hours but rather days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years.

I am thankful that I have a God who walks with me and knows what this waiting is like. God promises never to leave us or forsake us.

How do you get through times of waiting?


Day 24 of 31! Today’s word prompt is “different.”

Have you read the book “Same Kind of Different as Me?” It’s such a beautiful story about an unlikely friendship.

Sometimes God does the same for us. God sometimes brings unlikely and different friendships in our lives. My friend Joni is a nurse. I don’t think I could ever do that job. I a, a writer. She is not.

The world is not the same. If it were the same, the world be an incredibly boring place. However there are also times I wish the world was much more calmer too. The world is made up of people of all ages, races and religions.

Who is the same kind of different as you….as the book title suggests?

My Must Haves

Day 23 of 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “need.”

I love watching the Home and Garden channel. Property Brothers, Love it or List It, Flip or Flop, My Lottery Dream Home, Fixer Upper, and many others. My favorite is House Hunters. It always amazes me what people want in their homes and how much money they will spend.

As I discern where God is calling me next, I know I’ll be moving. After six years living in houses, I’m not sure I can go back to apartment living. I also am nervous about having to pay rent again. I’m thinking I would like a townhouse or condo or maybe rentIng a house.

The new place will have to be pet friendly…because you know, Luna and Neville. The next thing is a garage especially with my new car. I haven’t had a garage for like six years which is crazy in the frozen tundra of North Dakota. I also need a bathtub in my new place. I love stress relieving in a bubble bath and haven’t had a bath in a tub in a few years. I also would love a nice patio space and a great kitchen. I’m also thinking carpet is out.

It sure is fun to think about what my next place will look like. What are your must haves?

Our Senses

Day 22 of 31 Days! Today’s word prompt is “sense.”

Taste, See, Feel, Touch, Hear—using all Your senses.

Our senses use many parts of our bodies. Our ears to hear. Our tongue to taste and feel. Our eyes to see the world around us. Our hands to feel and touch.

How did you use your senses today? My eyes saw the road and helped me get home safely. My ears listened to the radio and to a friend while we caught up on the phone. My tongue felt the seeds I broke up. My tongue tasted the food I ate. My hands felt the steering wheel as I drove. When I arrived home, my hands touched and felt my kitties soft fur. And now I feel the weight of Luna as she lays on my lap.

We use our senses a lot during the course of the day. When I write, I want my readers to sense the experience I am writing about with me.

Some of my Favorite People

Day 21 of 31 Days! Today’s word prompt is “person.”

I got to spend time with one of my most favorite people today; my bestie Joni. We don’t get to see each other nearly enough. We met up for supper and she brought me some gifts from the past Christmas/Birthdays. (Yes it’s pretty much been that long or if I have seen her, I have forgotten her presents) She brought me some awesome new nativities for my collection.

We shared an appetizer of fried pickles. So yummy and full of flavor. I had a veggie wrap and garlic parmesan fries. We laughed. We caught up on life. It was such a joy to see her.

Yesterday I got to spend time catching up with another favorite person; my friend S. She brought her son R with her. We had a little incident where R tried to burn down the a Panera. He stuck his ice cream bucket full of cars in the microwave and then proceeded to turn on the microwave. Some of the cars were on fire. There were flames. Luckily everything turned out ok.

My momma is my fave person! Spending time with my favorite people is such a gift!

Go Tell…

Day 20 of Write 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “tell”

“Go tell it on the mountain, go tell it everywhere that Jesus Christ is born.” This Christmas hymn started playing in my head when I saw the prompt was tell. Yet we aren’t even in Advent yet. However Jesus should be celebrated every day.

I keep a nativity up all year to remind me that every day should be about Jesus. I want to tell the world about Jesus love, grace, and mercy. I want to tell the world that Jesus loves them. “Jesus loves you, this I know for the Bible tells you so.”

Tell everyone what he has done. Tell everyone what Jesus has done for you. Jesus is the alpha and omega, beginning and end. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

“Jesus loves you this I know for the Bible tells you so…Go fell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.” (A miss mash of some lyrics)


Day 19 of Write 31 Days. Today’s word prompt is “strong.”

You say I am strong when I say I am weak. These are words and lyrics from Lauren Daigle song You Say. I love this song. Too often our minds play tricks on us and tell us lies like we are weak but that’s not true.

This summer I had a really cool experience and was able to hear that I am strong. New friends spoke over me, “You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.” God gives us the strength we need.

Its late and I am emotionally and physically exhausted so I’m cheating just a little and am going to just leave this song here for you. Let the words simply wash over.

Holy Space

Day 18 of Write 31 Days and Five Minute Friday for this week. Today’s word prompt is “active.”

Music playing, youth worshipping, stories told, talent show, and so much more. I’m at our synods youth gathering and it has been very active. An awesome keynote speaker in Rachel Kurtz.

It always amazes me how God uses this time and space to bless people. Lives are changed. People come away feeling not so alone. It is one of my favorite events, watching the board plan the event from start to finish.

I got the privilege to share a story, my story and leading a workshop on grief, loss and mental illness. It is such holy space to share in these kids lives and for them to know and trust they are not alone. Thanks be to God.