At the Table

A beautiful bouquet of flowers sat at the registration table. Their names were read during the prayers at Sunday worship. It was such a simple act but it was holy. It acknowledged that there were people missing from our community who had been taken from us due to death this past year.

Throughout the event, there were so many other holy acts that surfaced. Amazing speakers, stellar music, relevant workshops, etc. In the midst, so many were invited to the table and welcomed there.

“You can’t really know what it means to be invited to your table and to be accepted for who I am!”–Garrison Starr

These words from Garrison have been playing in my head and my heart ever since. She captured the beauty of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network eloquently. This community has a gift of doing just that. We hold each other in the midst of all of life’s disruptions. We shout in the midst of the joy filled ones. And this community has grieved together.

I have so much I want to say about this event, but I need to process it a little more yet. So I’ll leave you with this. Who are you inviting and welcoming to the table?

A more in depth post to come soon.

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