At a Loss for Words

Sometimes you sit down to write and the words just don’t seem to come. Sometimes you find yourself sitting at the computer desk praying that the well will finally open and the words will spill forth. Grief is a lot like that too, isn’t it? There are times I want to talk about the one that I have lost. There are other times that the reminders of them is just too much. And yet other times when all you want to do is let the tears fall.

A dear friend shared the other day how about 3 pm in the afternoon, her body seems to take over and things just don’t quite work right. 3 pm is the time that her husband was killed in the car accident. The truth is that our physical pain and our emotional pain are inextricably linked together. Our physical and emotional pain are a reminder of our own humanity just like Christ experienced his own humanity on the cross too.

As you know, I am writing about my own grief. It is amazing to me that I have lost ten individuals in the last year. Most of them unexpected deaths. It is all so much…all too much! And I find myself sitting here typing away, hoping and praying that my words will bless others. But also hoping and praying that these words will also be a healing balm to my soul. There is something so incredibly holy about sharing these beloved souls with you. Something so holy about remembering who and whose they are. Yet there are so many times that I am at a loss for words.

I also know that it is good to talk about it with a trained counselor too. I haven’t always been so good about talking with professionals about stuff like this…but I am moving forward and finally feel comfortable doing that. So my friends, if you are grieving, know that is totally ok to talk to a professional. In fact, I believe God wants us to talk to others. God does not want us to grieve alone and is why God surrounds us with community. Community that walks hand and hand with one another especially when we do not know what to say.

So, my friends, in the words of Psalm 30; verse five, know that “Weeping may come for the night, but joy, joy comes with the morning.”

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6 thoughts on “At a Loss for Words

  1. Hugs, Tara! I knew you had lost many…had no idea that you love 10 loved ones in just a year! Grief is hard, no matter who it is; or how many in one span of time. I recently lost a very good friend, too. It was also unexpected. Hugs and prayers as you work through your grief. I feel sure God will give you the right words to share in the healing process for not only yourself, but others whose lives you touch!

  2. Oh Tara thank you for sharing this in such a beautiful way. You do bless us, and I suspect you are giving yourself a gift with all this writing. // I think you read my post about wrestling with seeing a therapist: something I tell EVERYONE to do because it is SO HELPFUL! Although the specific situation sort of calmed down, I still probably need it — and yet I hesitated. I finally emailed her to confirm tonight. What a challenge it is being kind to ourselves. Hugs.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I am thankful for your support and love that you have showed me through my own journey through faith.

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