Ask and You Shall Receive!

You ask, you shall receive! One of my faithful readers said she wanted some more of T’s thoughts so I decided I would oblige and post some thoughts. Sorry it has taken me so long but life in the church is crazy busy during Lent. At church, we are doing the Lord’s Prayer study using the book from Augsburg Fortress. I haven’t been able to sit in on the class yet because I have prior commitments during that time but tonight I’m hoping to get there. I have enjoyed reading the book though and it really has sparked some thoughts for me! In the book, there is a section for journaling. The one the other day asked us to list things that we worry about. It was interesting to me that I found it so easy to post the things I worry about. I worry about so many things in my life. I worry about my family, if Ill be single forever, what others think of me, etc. As I was writing these worries down on paper, I realized that I need to truly give them to God. God is the one in control, not me! It’s been so fun to sit and actually put my thoughts on paper. I enjoy writing and want to take the time to actually journal, write, etc. What does it truly mean when we pray “our kingdom come?” It is intriguing to me that according to the book, the offense may not be that we are praying to our father but rather the “our” is the biggest problem. Im not sure how I feel about that but I think what the author is saying is that when we pray “our,” we are not praying individually but as a community. In other words, our faith is NOT individualistic and I think for some people that is hard to grasp. Just some thoughts running through my head today!

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  1. Thanks for obliging me! 🙂 I appreciated your thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer. We were talking about the “Lead us not into temptation” or in the “new” version, “Save us from the time of trial” petition in preaching today. One of the emeriti here is known to say, “LeaVE us not in temptation” or “Save us IN the time of trial” because he does not believe (nor do I) that God tries to make us sin. Thought you might appreciate that bit, too!

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