Ask And You Shall Receive

Since Chris asked for the poem, here it is! I hope you all enjoy it!

Mary Magdalene’s Song
By T

An empty tomb stood before me.
I couldn’t believe what I saw.
My Lord’s body was no longer there.
I quickly ran off to tell Simon and John.
They returned with me to the place
where we had laid our Lord to rest.
After seeing the linens on the floor,
Simon entered the tomb
where he realized that
Jesus had risen from the dead.
Quickly Simon and John returned home.
However I still stood
in front of the empty tomb,
weeping for my Lord.
As I continued
to weep for my Lord,
I heard a voice.
And after a moment,
I realized that this voice
was the voice of my Lord.
So as I stood before the empty tomb,
I listened to what my Lord said
and then returned to tell the disciples
what the Lord had told me
about returning to the Father.

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