Another Friday Five

1. Do you experience any seasonal allergies? Are you allergic to anything else?
Yeah I usually experience some seasonal allergies but Im not allergic to anything that I know of.

2. What kinds of symptoms do you experience during your allergic reactions?Stuffed up,etc

3. How do you manage your allergies? (ie: medication, avoidance, alternative therapies, etc)
Usually some medication

4. What is the strangest allergy you’ve ever heard of? Someone who was allergic to milk

5. How do you feel about school and social policies that banning peanuts and other allergens? Hmmm….Im not sure about this. I can see both sides. Working at camp, I had a young camper who was allergic to tons of stuff so she always brought her own stuff. She didnt seem to feel left out to me. And I knew she was safe! For safety, I could see why schools are banning certain things!

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