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Hello! So some of you know that I preached on Wednesday. It was a small service..6 people including me but it still was good practice. I emailed my sermon and got a few suggestions from friends which helped me with my sermon. It came leaps and bounds from the first draft. I decided that even though Im done with the sermon I am still going to work on it some more so below you will find the final draft. The texts are Daniel 7: 9-10, 13-14, Revelations 1: 4b-8 and John 18: 33-37. Sermon is based mostly on the gospel text. I was happy with what I preached last night but think that now this sermon is even stronger thanks to the wonderful and constructive advice of my friends and peers. Hope you enjoy it!

The One True King

In the glorious land of Camelot, there is a strong and powerful king, a king who is on the search for the holy grail. He rides in on his magnificent horse and gathers his knights around the round table where he once dubbed them the knights of the round table. The knights of the round table listen intently to what their king has to say and then they begin their quest for the holy grail. This king and his knights continually find themselves in numerous adventures as they search for this treasure. But in time, they become tired and weary from their journey. And soon this powerful king; King Arthur, falls under his own sin and foolishness and dies a broken man.

King Arthur is not a true king. In fact, he pales in comparison to the true king; Jesus Christ himself. Jesus did not sin and conquered death. Throughout his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus shows us that he has the power and authority of the true king sent by God.

This true king, sent by God, surprises us all in so many ways. He heals the blind. He walks on water. He dies for each and every one of us and unlike any other king, he is resurrected again on the third day. I find myself realizing that the only true king sent by God could perform these spectacular acts of love.

Not only did this king perform these remarkable acts, but this king did something absolutely amazing when he died on the cross. He was able to conquer death for each and every one of us. This beautiful and selfless act of love by a true king reminds me of the song by Matt Redman called Once Again. The lyrics to this song read, “And once again, I look upon the cross were you died and I am humbled by your mercy and I am broken inside. Once again I thank you, Once again I pour out my life. Now you are exalted to the highest place, king of the heavens were one day I’ll bow. But for now, I marvel at your saving grace and I’m full of praise once again.” This song is one of my most favorite songs. It captures how much this true king did for all of us when he died upon the cross and conquered death. And because Christ conquered death for us, we too are called to trust deeply in God’s saving grace. This saving grace allows us to to take chances and risk screwing up because we know that we are embraced in the arms of grace.

God sent Jesus to show the ultimate authority of the true king. By conquering his own death, Jesus proves that only he has the power of a true king. Unlike King Arthur and any other king in today’s world, Jesus does have to power to overcome death.

Jesus’ power to overcome death solidifies the reality that he is the one true king sent by God. At the time of his death, Jesus does not give in. He simply conquers death. In today’s text, verse 36, Jesus states, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.” Throughout King Arthur’s life, the knights of his round table tried to protect him. They followed him no matter what. The difference is that King Arthur is from this world and Jesus is not. Jesus’ followers were so caught up in other things that they didn’t even realize what they were doing was wrong. In all actuality, they were clueless to what was happening around them. Jesus died for our sins but it was God’s saving power that truly conquered death. Jesus had to rely on God’s saving grace to resurrect him from the dead. And through his resurrection, Jesus demonstrates that he has the authority, glory, and sovereign power of a true king….a true king sent by God to rule over the nations and to give life to all the world.

This true king, Jesus Christ, rules a kingdom that will never be destroyed. In the mythical tale of King Arthur, King Arthur’s kingdom falls and his dominion passes away. However in Jesus’ world, his dominion never passes away. In fact, Jesus continues to rule all the nations through all eternity. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. He will come again because God refuses to abandon us to the consequences of our sins.

Jesus’ cruxification is the ultimate judgement of God on a world that continually sins. God fashioned a world in which sin bears fruit. However Jesus died for our sins, was raised, and ascended into heaven. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus announced the reign of God and brings redemption and reconciliation to all God’s people.

As the one who offers redemption and reconciliation, Jesus once again shows us that he is the one true king. Unlike King Arthur, Jesus is able to redeem and reconcile us from our own sins. Jesus helps us to see that only a true king has the sovereign power to pick us up and dust us off. Only a true king helps us to see that no one is truly broken forever!

Jesus is the triumphant king of creation who unlike kings of this material world comes to set us free. This king is the one true king who unlike King Arthur comes to bring forgiveness, life, and salvation to all God’s people. Jesus is the one true king who is the Ancient of days; the one who is, who was, and is come—whose kingdom will have no end! AMEN!

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