Another Better Late than Never Friday Five

1. What is your favorite bird, and why? I love watching birds but I am not sure if I have a favorite. Robins are so pretty. I also think parrots and parakeets are so much fun!

2. What are you most forgettable about? (insert “forgetful” where I wrote forgettable) Oops! I went to visit my momma today and half way there, I remembered I forgot to get the popcorn she asked me to pick up for her! 🙁

3. Which do you like better, sunrises or sunsets? Both! There is just something so incredibly holy about both sunsets and sunrises on the prairies of ND!


4. What ever happened to Grape Soda? Yum! Every once in awhile my inner kid comes out and I have to have a Grape soda! I love Fanta and have been able to find it once in awhile at restaurants.

5. Use these words in a sentence: U-turn sign, bat, mouse, cerulean blue, late.   The bat was flying through the cerulean blue sky while the mouse came upon a U-turn sign which made him late for supper!

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