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Sally at RevGalBlogPals writes, “Today is the Feast day of St Mary Magdalene, and as I’ve been pondering her life, and the inspiration she is I find in her a wonderful mix of struggle and devotion. She is both the woman who needed a deep healing and the woman who was declared (by many) to be the first amongst the apostles. She inspires me by the way she overcame so much to become so much. When I stop to think about the folk who do inspire me they are almost always overcomer’s in some way or another.

With that in mind I bring you this Friday Five; List five people who inspire you to dare to step out into becoming more: Bonus question, a song or fictional character that inspires you to move beyond boundaries!”

1. My Momma!-Living with a mental illness all her life my mom has taught me so many wonderful lessons. She has never let her illness get her down etc. She is one amazing woman! I am so blessed to have her in my life!

2. My Best Friend Mandy-May she rest in peace!–I met Mandy when I was in 1st Grade she was a year older but had been held back because she had a kidney transplant and had missed lots of school. She became my best friend! I was in her wedding and shortly after her wedding, she began having seizures etc and they never figured out why. She has been gone now almost 4 years. I miss her!

3. My Grandma A—Grandma A has been married 65 years and has always been a hard-working farm wife. I know life wasnt always easy for her but yet she still has powered through. (Grandma B was pretty amazing too! Another wonderful example of a strong woman!)

4. My “little” sister—I know she sees me as a strong woman but in return, I also see her as a strong woman too!

5. It’s so hard to pick just 5 because the women in my life have blessed me in so many ways. I have learned and grown and been blessed by each of you. My seminary friends, my DM friends, the new friends I met at the Lutheran Academy (You know who you are!)etc etc etc

The fictional character that makes me move beyond boundaries is Novalee Nation from Where the Heart Is. She doesnt let her bad luck keep her from reaching her dreams etc. I just love the way this movie makes me feel. I also think that the woman in the movie “Rent” are pretty amazing women who move us beyond boundaries as well. And recently I read the book “The Help,” the main characters in the book make me move beyond boundaries as well but Im not going to be a book spoiler and give it away so youll just have to read the book to find out why if you havent already read the book!

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