Am I Getting Through?

Well I just finished another confirmation class. My group of students is great and I love them but sometimes I wonder if Im getting through to them. I really like the confirmation program we are using because its interactive and allows the students some time to move around and not just sit for the entire class. I often use music in my class. Today was one of those days. I used the Jars of Clay song No One Loves Me like You. I felt it fit with todays lesson. One of my students who I often wonder if Im getting through to most of the time came up to me after class and asked for a copy of the song. I told this student that I would definetely make a copy. It puts a smile on my face because no one loves us more than God. It truly made my day to see a glimpse that I really might be getting through to these students. I sure do love my job…and I love it even more when I experience instances like the one from earlier. So I leave you with the fact that No One loves you more than God! (If you want to check out this song, it can be found on the Jars of Clay If I Left the Zoo CD)!

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  1. Whew! I was absent from the computer for a couple of days, and when I came back, I noticed your blog was a very different shade of green… it’s cool, it reminds me of summertime and sherbert!

    Your ministry is such a blessing to the Confirmation students and their families. I pray God blesses you everyday with that knowledge! Amen!

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