Always Waiting

I think I’m a pretty patient person most of the time as our world is full of places where we wait. I think that I am pretty good at waiting; waiting in line at the grocery store, at the post office, etc but when it comes to waiting for those deep desires of my heart; waiting for those untils to come true, I’m horrible at waiting. And some days are harder than others as I wait….today has been one of those days!

Another dear friend announced her engagement tonight. I’m excited for her and I know that she has waited for a long time as she too has found herself continually waiting. She is so happy. And as she reminded us all in her Facebook post announcing her engagement, the waiting is totally worth it. Most days I can believe her, but I still have a hard time trusting in God’s promises when I’m still chasing my very own own untils.

I feel an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. As I wait, I get caught up in the lies of the enemy. Am I good enough? Am I valuable? Am I worthy? Too often those lies attack me and I think I’m not enough or valuable or worthy. But the truth is that God created me; created each of us as beautiful individuals who are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God sees me waiting and promises to never leave or forsake me or YOU!

Yet I still find myself standing here waiting….waiting for the deep desires of my heart to come true. A lot of days I find myself still waiting and wondering if perhaps I’ve been passed by in that waiting line. And when I think I’ve been passed over, my heart sinks even more and that pit in my stomach becomes even larger as I wonder if I’ll always find myself standing in that waiting line.

I’ll admit that it is a truly difficult place to find myself especially when those who have been waiting around me are now no longer waiting, It kind of feels like being picked last for Phys Ed and I honestly dislike that feeling very much. I don’t want to be caught standing all alone waiting to be a wife and mom forever!

Yet God is an amazing God who isn’t going to leave us waiting forever. In fact, God promises to walk with each of us especially in the midst of our own waiting. On days like today, when it feels like I’m always waiting in line for my deep desires to come true, I’m choosing to cling to that very promise; that God  will never leave us or forsake us. It is a promise that reminds me that there is always hope and that waiting does come to an end…just not always the way we expected it to.

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10 thoughts on “Always Waiting

  1. I agree with Susan. I understand needing to express your emotions. You are allowed to feel, but don't let the enemy take your vision away. There are so many wonderful aspects of being single that you get to enjoy (yeah, yeah, I am sure you've heard it all before). Hang in there and remember that you are loved.

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from the #RaRaLinkUp today. Thanks for sharing your heart and your struggle. I find it so difficult to wait for the desires of my heart as well. I do always end up looking back and seeing how God's timing was so much better than mine, but in the middle of the waiting, I am anything but trusting and patient. I believe God has grace even for those times when I am frustrated with Him. And you are right–He is always with us. Thanks for sharing this encouragement today!

    • Thanks Jordan! It is so great to meet someone who understands why waiting for the desires of our heart are so difficult. Ha…me too…in the middle of waiting, I am so not TRUSTING or PATIENT either! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Tara, you are a very valuable and beloved daughter of God. You are so compassionate; you're a prayer warrior; you're an encourager. I pray God will bless you richly and fulfill your deepest desires and give you courage and patience as you wait for His timing. Blessings to you, sweet sister!

    • Thanks Melissa! It is so hard to wait and I am not getting any younger! And you are right it is hard to meet a decent man and even harder to meet a decent, Godly man! Thanks for stopping by friend!

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