Always Try (A Five Minute Friday Post)

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “Try.” Write for five minutes; unedited.

I have always been a try…er!

When I got my first bike, I didn’t even use training wheels. It was my fifth birthday and I had a bunch of friends over at my house. My friends encouraged me to get on the bike and so I did. They all found their way around the bike, held on and then gave me a push. Next thing they knew I was pedaling down the street…not a training wheel in sight.

As I got older, my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to learn how to drive a stick shift and then later, a tractor. I remember many times my sister in the backseat being a “backseat driver.” But I did try and finally succeeded at driving both a stick shift and a tractor. Even though one time I turned the wheel rake a little too short and took out a fence. OOPS!

A few weeks ago, my colleague and I took some kids to our local Bible camp for a day on their high ropes course. Many of the youth gave it a good ol’ try. And because they tried…I also gave it a try. I didn’t make it up the first element, but made it up the second element and ziplined down. Then a few weeks later, on our way to the national youth gathering, we also participated at a camp and had to rock climb. The two boys told me we weren’t leaving the facility until I got to the very top.* I tried my very best  to get to the top. My youth kept telling me to listen to my own words as I was encouraging them. But sadly I never made it to the top.

I try every day to be the best me that I can be…to be completely and utterly who God created me to be. Some days that is easier said than done. But the truth is that God gives each of us the strength to always try and know that he is with us in our trying. Because in the words of a Tweet from my FMF friend Tammy, “An attempt is always applauded.”

Oh how true, my friends, an attempt is always applauded. I think of my Special Olympics friends who always TRY their very best. And are delighted to even get a participation ribbon. I think of my own momma who has taught me so much about life and living because she tries every day to not let her illness get in the way of who she is. I think of little ones as they try to say their first words or take their first steps.

So my friends, give it a try…whatever it might be!

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  1. Yeah, what Elizabeth said!

    Loved the no-training-wheels story. Reminded me of the first time I got on a large motorcycle. My wife was nonplussed because I ran it up to 80 mph (on a rural Texas highway). I figured that if I got to the scene of the accident faster, it would save some time.

    Well, it didn't make sense to her, either.

  2. I think your determination is what helps you to keep trying in life. Most 5-yr old I know are scared of falling, let alone removing the training wheels before they've even tried them.

    Keep on living and inspiring us all, Tara

  3. You are indeed a try-er, my friend! Your spirit is indomitable! I am always so amazed by how joyful and hopeful you are. I know like all of us, you have your moments, but you always seem to have such a positive attitude throughout them. You have encouraged me to keep trying and fighting my own difficulties and to keep blogging even when I feel like the world doesn't care what I have to say. Love you, my friend!!!

    • Awww thanks friend! I had to look up the word indomitable. I was pretty sure I knew what it means but had to be sure. Thank You! I do indeed have my moments too. I am so glad that you have been encouraged to keep trying and fighting your own difficulties and keep blogging even when you felt the world doesn't care. Love you too my friend! My sister and I are going to have so much fun this week in Nashville and I hope it goes rather slowly. But I also want FRIDAY to come QUICKLY so I can meet you InRl!!! 😛

  4. "I try every day to be the best me that I can be…to be completely and utterly who God created me to be. Some days that is easier said than done. But the truth is that God gives each of us the strength to always try and know that he is with us in our trying."

    Sometimes, in the trying, I forget that God is with me and that I can do all things through Him because of His strength. I get caught up in trying to do things myself; but my best moments are the ones in which I let God work in me and through me. That is the thing I will *try* and remember today.

    Thank you for sharing your words and your heart today.

  5. Tara – amen! "Some days that is easier said than done…but God gives each of us strength". I think it can be easy to forget that God is there to support us, and that He gave us many examples of stepping out of our comfort zone to try something new (Jonah and Peter both come to mind…) Thank you for mentioning those Special Olympics athletes. I'm always impressed by their try-ability. Big smiles 🙂

    • That is one of my fave lines in this post too, Janet! Oh and Special Olympics Athletes…LOVE them. I too am always impressed with their try-ability too. Big smiles back to you!

  6. Sounds like you have tried some fantastic things, Tara. And the fact that you are a try-er and not a quit-er – says a lot about who you are and who God has created you to be. Blessings, sweet friend.

  7. Wow you are quite the adventurer even from a young age! I always was scared of the ropes course, I spent so much time trying to get through it. I admire your tenacity!

  8. I love that you try so many things. That is what makes you such a great gal with so many wonderful stories to share. I am thankful that you've tried out blogging and that you try sharing your heart with it as well. I always look forward to your posts!

  9. You're definitely a brave one for sure! I also remember learning how to drive a stick shift and how nerve wrecking it was, but now it's no big deal. Love your spirit to try new things!

  10. Tara,
    you quoted me, I'm so honored! And, I totally get the ropes course!! Although, I find it a little exhilarating. Is that a power pole you're climbing? Is it the one where you have to jump and grab a trapeze? Ours we had to hit a ball.
    Now I want to know where your adventures were, as the course looks very similar to the one I did. Ours was the Carol Joy Holling camp in Nebraska.
    Tammy (#4 this week)
    Thanks for the visit too!

    • Tammy, I am so glad you are honored. It was just such a great quote and fit so well with my post. Yes, I am climbing a power pole. The whole thing is made out of power poles etc. But nope this one you don't jump and grab a trapeze. We did one called the "wild woozy" where two people have to lean into each other. I didn't make it up that one. The one in the picture led me to a platform where I was harnessed to a zip line and then got to zip line down. So fun!!! This was at Metigoshe Ministries in Western ND. I know Carol Joy Holling. One of my dear seminary friends was a camp counselor there!

  11. What an awesome way to have learned to ride a bike! You prompted me to remember that when I was learning to ride my dad took me around and around the block (for weeks) while holding on to the back of my bike… THEN one day I went out with my mother (who wouldn't hold on) and I learned in 15 minutes. Sorry Dad!

  12. Thank you for sharing your stories. I wish I was more gutsy about trying new things. I am overly cautious and a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes. My eldest daughter encourages me and inspires me so much. She is always up for trying new things. 🙂 This is also my prayer each day to be the best me that I can be- to be what God created me to be. I hope you have a lovely day! -Jolene

    • I have not always been brave. It has taken me a long time to get here. But I have realized how cool and fulfilling it can be when I try something new and it changes me etc. Hope you have a lovely day too, Jolene!

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