Always Being Made New

It is a big day in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA elected the first female Presiding Bishop this afternoon. I am on vacation this week and have been trying to stay away from the live feed but as I read my Twitter and FB feeds, I found myself logging in to watch as I truly felt the Holy Spirit at work. I believe Rev. Elizabeth Eaton truly has been called and will lead the ELCA into the future.

But I cannot post without telling you how much I respect current Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson. Bishop Mark Hanson has been a tremendous leader especially over these last tumultous years of the ELCA. He is a gracious man and has led with such grace and humility. As I look at my life in the ELCA, Bishop Hanson has been the only Bishop I have truly known as I was 23 when he became Bishop. Bishop Hanson’s words have and will always hold a special place in my head and my heart. I must say that I truly will miss him but I will truly support Bishop Eaton as she has heard this new call.

Thank you Holy Spirit for raising up a new leader. Pray for Bishop Hanson and his staff as they transition. Pray for Bishop Eaton as she too transitions to this new call. And for her synod as they have just given up their Bishop. Prayers for all of us as we are led to a new and certain hope.

“Always Being Made New”

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