Advent Friday Five

1. How are you? How can we pray for you? I am doing great! I am always asking for prayers for God to bring my Mr. Right into my life and to start a family etc. I am so ready but know that it will happen in God’s timing and not mine.

2. On another level, I am sure that many of you have treasured Christmas ornaments. Tell us about one of your more treasured, and why it is special. I have an ornament on my tree that is 5 moose sitting in a canoe. I had it engraved when I took some ladies from my last call to a town where they have this great Christmas event. A lot of us got that ornament and had it engraved. As I just began a new call, it reminded me of those sweet ladies. I also have a homemade snowball ornament that was given to me as a going away gift from a sweet lady. There are so many great ornaments on my tree and they all have such wonderful stories.

3. Since I have started in a new call in a new city, I have a new guilty pleasure called Shubies which is a store of wine, cheese, craft beer, gourmet foods, fun kitchen gadgets and more, besides a bakery/lunch counter. I am currently enjoying an (overpriced) kale-avocado-goat cheese pressed sandwich on cranberry sunflower seed wheat bread. O.M.GOODNESS. What is one of your current guilty pleasures? At this time of the year, it is anything cinnamom…Cinnamon candy canes. I also love to indulge in a little Eggnog at this time of the year as well.

4. I picked up a beautiful hank of handspun wool in heather grays and purples in October that I am sending my sister for her birthday this month. I have been looking forward to giving it to her. What is something (tangible or less tangible) you are looking forward to give in the next few weeks? I am excited to give my mom her gift. Since she is in a nursing home, my sister and I always really think out what we get here…little activity books, etc. This year I am excited to give her a portrait of me that I had done when the church did a photo directory. I bought a beautiful frame to go with so I am excited to give her that this year.

5. We must have random words for a random sentence or story, right? So, here are your words (or forms of) to use in a sentence or two: earth, cranberry, codfish, kettle corn, pitcher, love, joy, hope, peace, Santa, artist. The artist Santa ate codfish and cranberry kettle corn with the pitcher; a sign of love, joy, peace, and hope on Earth.

One thought on “Advent Friday Five

  1. Your story sentence is fantastic! Prayers for your future beloved to make an entrance SOON into your life….the faithful waiting is hard, but it WILL happen. I am a testament to that! Your mom will completely adore the portrait of you.
    Peace to you!

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