I hope you all are doing well and are social/physically distancing yourselves. I’m so thankful for technology and you all during these days. The weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt for this week is “adjust.”

Life and work have been all about adjusting in these days. Learning how to record a worship video to post on our FB page. Reaching out and making sure everyone is ok. My days are filled with less travel to our serve churches but rather is now phone calls, emails, FB live and so much more.

Yet I’ve come to realize I’m pretty good at adjusting. I love being creative and coming up with new ideas. I’ve been reading books to my friends kids online. I’m doing a nightly prayer live also on Facebook. It’s a little crazy in these days. But I pray that I am being Gods hands and feet sharing the Gospel in these days.

I’m praying we come out of this sooner rather than later. But we must do what is best for the collective whole. I look forward to the day all I’m adjusting is my radio dial and not adjusting because life is uncertain.

2 thoughts on “Adjust

  1. In these weird and loony days,
    when the normal shifts to odd,
    I hope that we do find ways
    to still paise our well-loved God,
    for though He didn’t bring the virus
    (that comes from a fallen world)
    He is still (yay!) among us
    as we hew to Holy Word
    that these troubles, they will pass,
    and there will be bright new dawn;
    we don’t have to kiss our ass
    goodbye, and can depend upon
    the Love that sent Son to the cross
    so that we might not be lost.

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