ABCs of Thankfulness

My friend Lindy posted her ABCs of thankfulness. I love the list she came up with and thought I would post my ABCs of thankfulness as well. Enjoy!

A-Andrea; My sister! I dont know what I would do without her. Love her to pieces!

B-Babies! I am such a baby lover and hope to have a family someday myself. I am so thankful when I get to have some baby time and cuddle with a little baby!

C-Camp of the Cross Ministries!!!

D-Dilworth Lutheran Church! I am so blessed to serve the homes of DLC! And of course, the Diaconal Ministry Community of the ELCA!

E-ELCA; I am proud to be a Diaconal Minister in the ELCA!

F-Family and Friends! You all have blessed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine!

G-GLEE! I know, I know, but I just cant get enough of this show!

H-HGTV! Sometimes it is just so good to sit and chill out! I am so addicted to watching HGTV! 🙂
(and watching my Huskers)

I-Insurance; So thankful to have good and reliable health insurance!

J-Jelly especially Grandma’s homemade chokecherry jelly.

K-Kindle! I love my Kindle and have read more books in the last year than in the last two years combined!

L-Laughter! Laughter is such good medicine!

M-Moorhead; the place I call home!

N-NWMN Synod of the ELCA! Thanks for all you do for us rostered leaders! Such a blessing!

O-Oldsmobile Alero! My car! Glad that it is reliable and gets me where I need too!

P-Polly; Uncle T’s friend. It honestly feels like she has been part of our family forever!

Q-Quilts; especially homemade quilts by my Grandma!

R-Road trips…especially road trips with good friends!

S-Sketcher tennis shoes. So comfortable…love them!

T-Time; time with family, time with friend, etc!

U-University of Mary…so thankful for my education there!

V-Vibrant Faith Ministries

W-Wartburg Theological Seminary! (And my writing group at the local library)

X-Xtra fun…sorry I couldnt think of anything for X!

Y-Young and the Restless; one of my guilty pleasures

Z-Zumba fitness…love it and I never thought that I would!

What are your ABCs of thankfulness?

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