ABC's of Thankfulness 2013

First I want to begin by saying Happy Thanksgiving to you all. A year ago I posted a list of my ABCs of thankfulness so I though I would follow suit here today. So sorry if this post gets a little long. And also thank you if you manage to read all the way through this post.

(A) My sister whose name begins with A. I’m so blessed to have her in my life !

(B) Babies!!! I am thankful for all the new babies that have been born. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love babies!!

(C) Camp of the Cross Ministries

(D) Dilworth Lutheran Church. Thank you for blessing my life and making me into the woman leader I am today!

(E) Every Day an Adventure; my friend Sarah’s blog and many other blogs I am blessed to read

(F) Friends; awesome, amazing, blessed—-also First Lutheran Church as I begin my call there–Family

(G) God’s grace

(H) House–my beautiful cute new home—as well as my beloved Huskers

(I) I-phone–I am thankful for the ability to stay in touch with friends and family

(J) Japan where my friend Heather and her hubby are living–I miss her but love hearing about their adventures there

(K) Kindle–I love being able to read lots of books and not having more books to add to my already huge pile

(L)Love—God’s love

(M) My momma—Minnesota—Minot—my friend Mike

(N) North Dakota–I love my beloved prairies of ND and am so thankful for being back—as well as the NWMN synod–and Nebraska where I was born

(O) Owl— gift given to me by a dear friend picked out by her kiddos. He’s perched in my car and it always reminds me of my friend and her dear family.

(P) Prayers; lifted for me–that I’ve lifted for others

(Q) Quarters; I’m thankful I don’t have to find quarters anymore every time I want to do laundry

(R) Rook—playing Rook with my family—Rest and Relaxation

(S) Sleep; getting a good nights sleep

(T) Target. I enjoy shopping at Target.

(U) University of Mary

(V) Vacation

(W) Wartburg Theological Seminary and Western ND synod

(X) Xtremely awesome friends

(Y) Youth in my life

(Z) Zumba–I’m still lovin’ Zumba and my Zumba gals

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