A Tapestry of Where I Come From

I am from my German Russian ancestors who came to America; coming to find new opportunities and newfound freedom. 

I am from the prairies of North Dakota where my dad, uncles and aunts, and grandparents steward the land. I am from the prairie dirt being caked against my face on a hot humid summer day or from the crazy wild prairie wind. I am from the land of wheat, soybeans, and so much more. I am from farmers who place food upon your tables. 
I am from family who stick together even when the going gets tough. I am the little girl dressed in the precious pale yellow dress; the first dress her daddy ever bought for her. I am from Kentucky Fried Chicken and macaroni salad. 
I am from a woman who has lived most of my life with a mental illness. I am her daughter! I am from  knowing the highest highs and lowest lows. I am from a little house on 1st Ave SE where I grew up quickly helping care for my sister when mom was sick and dad was busy on the farm. 
I am from Ashley Public School, the University of Mary and Wartburg Theological Seminary. I am from teachers, professors and advisors who helped me see my gifts. I am from Martin Luther, systematic theology, and the theology of the cross. I am from Zion Lutheran, Camp of the Cross, Dilworth Lutheran, and First Lutheran Church. I am from all those people and places who shaped me in my faith. 
I am from…..  
There are so many people and places that have shaped and continue to shape who I am. And in who I am, I show every piece of where I come from.
 For where I come from is a tapestry of who I am as a beloved child of God. 

9 thoughts on “A Tapestry of Where I Come From

  1. Beautiful,Tara. A beautiful tapestry. So lovely to read this…I can just picture your eyes glistening and a smile spreading across your face: thankfulness…happiness, for the good AND the hard.

  2. I am particularly drawn to the line, "I am from the prairie dirt being caked against my face on a hot humid summer day or from the crazy wild prairie wind." I think it appeals because it roots you in a specific p!ace, using tactile details (an experience foreign to me). The whole exercise does this. I'm so honored you wrote this after hearing the idea from me. Well done!

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