A Soft Place to Land

I’m a rich woman; relatively speaking. I don’t make a lot of money, but I’m rich in friends. I have a roof over my head and a pillow to lay my head down at night. I have awesome friends and family who bless me each and every day. But in just a few moments, it felt like I lost all of that. I was violated. My purse was stolen and I no longer felt rich. My security seemed to be completely stripped from me. I had to check out every sound I heard that night. I probably jumped every time I heard a new noise.

Each day it seems to have gotten a little better as I feel more peace. A friend and I were texting and she texted back, “It’s good to have a soft place to land!” A soft place to land….my heart immediately took comfort in those words. Because isn’t that exactly who Jesus is. “Be strong and courageous, do not be frightened or dismayed because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Jesus holds us and calms our fears. Jesus is that soft place to land as we are embraced in his loving arms.

But I think sometimes it is still hard for us to find that soft place to land.

When another cancer diagnoses is shared,

When cancer takes another loved one,

When we feel insecure,

When we are battling the demons of depression,

When our prayer isn’t being answered and so much more….that soft place to land seems to be buried in the dark. But God sent Jesus as a reminder of God’s love for all God’s people and Jesus is that soft place for us to all land especially during these difficult times.

It took me awhile to realize it, but Jesus was standing with me and was ready and waiting to catch my fall. He’s waiting to catch your fall too. In fact, he’s always ready and waiting. He is standing, arms held wide open, waiting to catch our fall. We just need to trust fall into his arms. He will wipe away every tear and calm every fear. For that, I’m so thankful…thankful to have this precious gift where I and where you too can fall.

Let’s keep falling into the arms of this one who promises always to be our soft place to land.

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16 thoughts on “A Soft Place to Land

  1. It's interesting–the image of falling into Jesus' arms..when I first became a Christian I had a sudden sort of conversion and felt like I was falling off a cliff all throughout the day, but I saw Jesus at the bottom with arms open. I again had that image this week..I'm in the midst of a long, unclear future with work issues for both myself and my husband. Always, though, in any circumstance, I find God leads me to the best place for me..it's having faith, walking in the storm on water, sinking, rising, sinking but always having my focus on Jesus there with open arms! Beautiful reminder thank you! Visiting from #TellHisStory today next door, what a blessing!

  2. We do have an amazingly soft place to land. I've thought about you this week with your purse incident. Praying you are doing better and then His peace carries you through those moments of fear. God's peace be with you!(Stopping by from #TellHisStory)

    • Yes indeed. And thank you. Each day, I feel more and more peace. It is amazing what a picture of the thieves did for my heart and soul. At least, I know it wasn't someone from church, but someone off the street. Thanks for stopping by. God's peace to you as well.

  3. Such beautiful words! They are a beautiful reminder to me that I need Jesus every minute of my day. He will wipe away my tears and hold me close in love whenever I need Him. Your words have made a difference today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. I'm so sorry about your purse! I had mine stolen back in the olden days when no one was into identity theft–they just wanted the money in my wallet (it must have disappointed them, I only had about 20 bucks). I'm so glad we have a soft place to land!

    • Thanks Anita! I think the thieves that stole my purse were after money too. Like you, there was only a few $1 bills in my purse. Sadly though they did use my debit and credit cards before I got them froze! I too am so glad that we have a soft place to land!

  5. Tara,
    So thankful for your returning peace! This post is reminding me of "Fuzzy". 😀 Hee hee still so honored you took that prompt!
    May you enjoy the blessings of your contented heart tonight!

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