A Servant’s Heart

It started as a simple gesture, but little did I realize how that simple gesture would give me so much life. This past August, at our church’s churchwide assembly, I had the absolute joy of meeting social media friends in real life. One day, I offered to buy coffee since I was already on my way to stand in line at the Starbucks at the convention center. I had a few take me up on my offer.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy that simple gesture gave me, but it makes so much sense. This summer, I had the privilege of being on Jennifer Dukes Lee’s launch team for her new book “The Happiness Dare.” She talks about five different happiness styles (1) Giver (2) Doer (3) Relater (4) Experiencer (5) Thinker. (If you would like to find out your Happiness style, take the quiz here). My top styles are giver and relater (only separated by one point) But overall, the thing that makes me the most happy is to give to others.

As I prepared for October and the Write 31 Days challenge, Thursday September 29th reminded me of this joy in my life. You see, the 29th of September is National Coffee Day. I sent out a quick tweet to several of my social media friends with the words “Cheers to you.” One of them responded with a simple tweet that said “Today is a day made for your servant heart. Cheers to you.”

As I let those words sink in, I realized how this is a precious gift that God has bestowed upon me. I am a giver. I am an encourager. I am a woman who loves deep. I am not afraid to speak up for the lost, lonely, forgotten, and marginalized in our world. I am a woman whose servant heart continues to grow and be blessed by the people she encounters in this world.

I am not writing this to give myself a big head or to toot my own horn, but rather to show and remind all of us that God has given each of us precious gifts to use in this world; precious gifts that in their own way make the Word made flesh in this broken world.

What are the gifts that God has given you to make the Word made flesh in this world?

6 thoughts on “A Servant’s Heart

  1. I love that although we are all different we can reveal Jesus to others just by being who God made us to be. Thinker was my top happiness style but Giver was close behind.

  2. You are a ray of sunshine to everyone you meet (online and in real life!). I took the Happiness Dare quiz and I was relater. I'm not too surprised by that, but my husband is a doer. Similarly my love language is words of affirmation while my husband is acts of service. I love personality tests like that.

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