A Months Worth of Sunday Blessings

Because of Write 31 days, I put Sunday Blessings on hiatus. I’ve been keeping the list on my phone. I thought I’d post today before this week’s list gets added too. Enjoy!!

(1) A Vox from Marie

(2) Guest posting over at a friends blog

(3) Calling and talking to my daddy on his bday.

(4) A sweet post from a dear friend. Love you too AD and JL!

(5) My first baked apple of the Fall

(6) A note from my friend AD asking if
I can meet her for lunch or coffee next week.

(7) A new Twitter friend saying that my words were profound. Wow!!

(8) Hugging KD

(9) Working the FLC rommegrot stand with awesome people.

(10) A few posts written before October starts.

(11) Running into DK and his wife from DLC. So fun to hug them and catch up on life.

(12) Coffee on National Coffee Day

(13) Running into radio guy JS at Host Fest.

(14) Receiving my FMF book in the mail

(15) The beginning of the Write 31 Days challenge

(16) Coffee with AD and running into JW

(17) Carmel flavored candy corn

(18) A great first night of FLY

(19) Rodeo with E.G. And her mom

(20) A furnace when the weather turns cold

(21) Leftovers sent home with me

(22) A great turnout for our youth event. So much fun!!

(23) A coffee from a youth parent

(24) Lemon water

(25) Texting with MW

(26) Receiving my FMF tshirt in the mail

(27) My 31 Days Mastermind group

(28) Spicy Pie with CS, KL and AB

(29) My new FMF tshirt

(30) My new Write 31 Days mug

(31) Friday Night Live at Camp Metigoshe

(32) Hanging with CT and her girls.
Love them!!

(33) Chatting with CG and catching up on life.

(34) A nice welcome, blessing and reception for PD this morning.

(35) A Vox from Marie

(36) A Vox from TM

(37) WND LYO (loved hanging with the board and getting to know these youth)

(38) Seeing my friends at WND LYO

(39) #decolonize16

(40) Catching a ride to WND LYO with the Zion crew.

(41) Walking the halls at the LYO with CN singing 80s theme songs.

(42) Hanging with Tony Memmel

(43) A Starbucks gift card

(44) An awesome intergenerational SS hour today.

(45) Our Social Media and You event

(46) A SS kid giving me one of her tball pictures from this summer.

(47) Lunch with KG

(48) Awesome news from RW

(49) Chatting with KW online

(50) Return of Zumba

(51) Time with Aunt N; supper, shopping etc

(52) Winning a gift card from a friend. Thanks Marie!!

(53) Chatting with a Twitter friend. Thanks JS!

(54) An awesome PLN

(55) Getting fun mail from Marie

(56) A surprise mug in my mailbox

(57) Finishing another write 31 days challenge

(58) CT and RT and girls coming to my house to Trick or Treat. KM bringing the girls by too!

(59) My Twitter peeps

(60) All of YOU too!!

2 thoughts on “A Months Worth of Sunday Blessings

  1. great list, esp the mug…. no, esp everything! I've made a list for a Sept-Oct roundup, and despite everything, I would not have been able to make that list back in Sandy Ego. Blessed All Saints Day!

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