A Month's Worth of Sunday Blessings (#99)

(1) Beer and Hymns with AH and EG.

(2) Awesome Mexican food

(3) A great Confirmation Class

(4) The beginning of the Write 31 Days challenge.

(5) Time with Gma, Gpa and Aunt Nancy.

(6) Running into Pr. PH

(7) Celtic Thunder

(8) An invitation to go on a walk with my friend CD.

(9) Running into my good friend KG.

(10) Talking on the phone with my good friend MW for about 25 minutes.

(11) More fun with Gma, Gpa and N.

(12) Running into DLC peeps: LM and LS. Getting hugs from both of them.

(13) Visiting with the people sitting next to us at the concert and finding out they were all from Detroit Lakes, MN.

(14) Martina McBride concert. So so so good!!!

(15) Pizza, hard pear cider, good pizza and family hanging out at the Starving Rooster.

(16) Goodies from Gma–Zucchini bread, two jars of homemade pickles, a pumpkin, some potatoes, a zucchini and some tomatoes. Yum!!

(17) Shopping at the Mall. Some great finds at Herbergers and DressBarn.

(18) Mom calling on a regular basis again.

(19) Exchanging souvenirs with KG and SH.

(20) Having lunch with KG and LA.

(21) Getting a high five from little EG.

(22) A great new member class.

(23) The return of FLY for the year. I’ve missed those kids!!

(24) A thank you note in the mail from MD and BD.

(25) Writing a blog post and tribute piece from my blog friend Erin K.

(26) Voxing with TM

(27) A great turnout for Walk for Water.

(28) A sign left by my office door that made me chuckle.

(29) A nice little PLN

(30) A few much needed hugs at church.

(31)A surprise package from SS

(32) A great phone message that totally made my day.

(33) A surprise visit from AM.

(34) FMF Party

(35) Periscoping with the FMF gals who are at Allume. So much laughter and so much fun!

(36) Healthy Choice 100 calorie frozen Yogurt cups.

(37) Kemps Pumpkin Pie ice cream

(38) A lazy relaxing Saturday

(39) Hugs from one of my fave little girls and her mom.

(40) The lost FitBit has been found!!!

(41) Western ND LYO

(42) A rainbow

(43) A very sweet gift in the mail.

(44) The church’s Fall Festival carnival.

(45)Walking around with some of my fave kids at the carnival.

(46) Voxing with MG and KA

(47) Two bags of candy given to me to use for trick or treaters.

(48) A card and gift card from a dear lady.

(49) Finishing Write 31 Days and posting every day!

(50) Ann and I getting to see and spend time with mom.

(51) Quite a few trick or treaters.

(52) Finally getting my bday present from CT and giving her her present from me. I love my present!!

(53) All Saints Sunday

(54) An awesome text from a friend sharing some good news.

(55) Praying for PKN and MN.

I didn’t have to post today but thought I would since this is more lighthearted and this list has been on my phone all month. Enjoy!

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