A Monday (Sunday) Blessings #19

Some weeks it is so hard to come up with a list of blessings. Other weeks like this week, it is much easier!

(1) Making and decorating the wooden spoon traveling trophies for the FLC chili cook off.

(2) Getting to spend time with old and new friends alike; such a blessing to my soul.

(3) Hearing my friends little one make wonderful baby noises

(4) Finding out a friend and her family are on the same flight to Msp with me.

(5) Touring the St Louis Basilica with friends—stunningly gorgeous

(6) Blessed holy conversations with so many great people

(7) An open seat on my flight home so I got to move up and have more leg room

(8) Reuniting (if for a brief time) with seminary classmates

(9) Blessing colleagues as part of closing worship at the E and getting to bless dear friends! I can’t even begin to explain what a holy experience it was!!

(10) Seeing some of my 2010 DMFE small group. We missed those of you that weren’t able to be with us!

(11) Sharing a room with two great friends

(12) Having a slightly blonde moment when trying to buy a Metro train pass and receiving “grace” from my friends!

(13) Holding Baby A’s hands and getting to walk with her. I also loved sitting on the floor and rolling her ball with her.

(14) A beautiful sunrise view of the Arch from our hotel room window

(15) Being prayed for and having her hands laid on me by a dear colleague and friend

(16) Getting to spend extra time with a great friend. Sharing an awesome pretzel and having great conversations especially about boys! 🙂

(17) Hearing a friends good news

(18) Pastor K giving me a ride to the airport. And the volunteer coordinator picking me up at the airport and taking me home.

(19) Meeting up with acquaintances, having great conversations over food after our flight was cancelled, and getting to know them both a little better.

(20) Home Sweet Home!

I seriously think I could keep going with this list but I’m going to call it good for now!

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