A Friday the 13th Friday Five

1. Are you superstitious about anything? Like, lucky socks for competition, special necklace for preaching, etc.? Nope I am not really superstitious about anything. I always think of when I was a little girl and we used to not step on the sidewalk cracks cuz it would break your mothers back. I do knock on wood when I dont want certain things to happen.

2. I’m going on vacation on Tuesday. I have never been so ready for vacation. What are you looking forward to? The Lutheran Academy of the Rockies!!! This will be my fourth summer attending this continuing education event that is held in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park. I will leave next Sunday June 22nd after worship and will drive half way. The even starts Monday the 23rd and goes through July 3rd. But I am staying through July 4th. Just think it will be fun to spend the 4th in Estes Park.

3. There is a lot going on in sports right now–World Cup, Basketball finals, and much more. If your life were a sport, what would it be, and why? I guess volleyball. I think of the sets and the spikes. I think of the inbounds and outbounds.

4. Hey! Remember orange push-up ice cream treats? What happened to them? What is one of your favorite summer treats? Ice cream sandwich, popsicles, frozen grapes, fruit pizza, DQ Dilly Bar, etc.? I think you can still order push-ups from Schwans. Pretty sure I saw them in their catalog the other day. I love ice cream in the summer. I love the mint dilly bars. I love the new trend of frozen yogurt places. I also love watermelon. I also love fresh grown tomatoes!

5. So there is this thing called “Listserve” that picks one random person per day to write an email to like a million people world-wide. It’s pretty cool. Some people make music suggestions, offer sage advice, or plug their latest interest/project. If you could write a note to a million people around the world, what would you say? “Peace be with you”

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