A Cute Pair of Boots and J-Lo Jeans

I’ve never been a big makeup girl. And I have never been the most popular girl either. In fact, as a child, I was picked on quite a bit. Self-esteem was always one of my weaknesses. When I moved to this new town a year ago, one of my members at church is a Mary Kaye consultant and she asked me to be one of her makeup models one night. So I went and it was so much fun. Shortly before I moved, my friend J even introduced me to Bare Minerals makeup. It was so much fun to get dolled up. Yet makeup is still not a part of my daily routine. I want my future Mr. Right to accept me for who God created me to be…without the makeup, glitz, etc.

But lately I have been feeling something different. I woke up this morning put on a new pair of J-Lo jeans (the Jennifer Lopez brand which can be found at Kohls) and a button down shirt in my absolute favorite color; green! As I was getting ready, I thought to myself I should wear boots today. I cannot even begin to tell you the last time I wore a great pair of boots. I finished getting ready and dug in my closet until I found those boots. I put on those boots and walked out the door. I felt so good! I even found myself saying “I look cute today.” I also was standing up a little taller.

I am not sure what has changed my attitude but I like it. I know that in due time, God will bring that special person into my life. There are days that I think that all hope is lost! But the reality is that I shouldn’t lose hope! God is, more than likely, looking for that special someone for me. And it will happen in God’s timing not my own. But at 36 years old, that is not very easy to trust in!

So as I wait for God to bring that special someone into my life, I will try to remember every day that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I will enhance my beauty in the ways that God wants me to enhance them…that they will come through in my words and my actions. And perhaps donning some makeup and a cute pair of boots somedays might help too.

21 thoughts on “A Cute Pair of Boots and J-Lo Jeans

  1. How fun to try a new look especially one that brings the "cute" out in you.

    Yes, indeed, God does have a good plan for your life. Enjoy each day as it comes and you won't look back on the waiting days with regret.

  2. Girl, I come from a place where blue jeans and a good pair of boots can change your life. Along with the love of Christ, of course! There's something to be said for adding a little pep to your step with a great outfit every once and awhile!

  3. There's nothing like adding a little pep to your step with a cute look and some makeup. I love Mary Kay too.�� It's a joy to read how you desire the beauty from within you to shine through as you wait on God's timing. Following you at Inspire Me Monday. Blessings!

  4. You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made! It's not always easy to wait for God's timing (especially in today's fast-food/get-it-now world). Confidence in Christ is a beautiful feature on any person's face!

  5. "I will enhance my beauty in the ways that God wants me to enhance them…that they will come through in my words and my actions."

    LOVE this! What a beautiful post on waiting and knowing your worth in Christ! So glad to connect! Looking forward to more chats with Inspire Me Monday! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Love this! It's amazing to me that what kind of self talk we give in to determines more of what we actually 'put out there' in the natural. There is something beautiful about someone who is feeling – well, beautiful! And I am sure you rocked those cute boots, jeans, and – of course – green top!

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