A Bruised Heart

Throughout life, we experience all sorts of unexpected change and broken dreams and hearts. Sometimes those changes and broken dreams and hearts are expected. And other times they seem to come out of nowhere…bruising our tender hearts.

It’s like when we bruise our body and wonder what we hit to cause the black and blue mark to appear. Life too is full of those times when we are hit straight in the gut. Our tender hearts left black and blue from the reality of life.

Yet like the black and blue marks on our bodies, they heal. Our hearts heal too. We are more cautious about who we let in. We are more wary about taking chances. We know that God gives us the strength to overcome all that happens in life. God works together for the good of all people especially in the midst of jagged grace.

With a tender heart, bruised by the realities of life and jagged grace, God has given me the courage and bravery that allows me to trust. To trust that I can overcome anything that is placed in my way. Knowing that my tender heart will be made whole again but still bearing the scars of Jagged Grace.

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10 thoughts on “A Bruised Heart

  1. I have felt this jagged grace of knowing I am whole in Him but scarred. I love that He uses even my scars to help others find His salvation. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. It can be easy to harden ourselves when we are hurt. The challenge is allowing our hearts to remain tender and trusting God to help us and to use our scars for good.

  3. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have a tender heart. I look at people who are able to not react to news or injustice and wish I was able to read things and just move on. I’m learning that it is a gift, and that I’ve gotten to know God and creation more deeply because of this.

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