A Big Glowing Neon Sign

God came to Moses in a burning brush. Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I have wished for that burning bush too! But then I’ve got to thinking, I don’t want a burning bush, I want something more!

I am reminded of the big Hollywood sign. Or Broadway lights…yep that’s what I want; a big bright glowing neon sign. A neon sign would be sooo much better.

Just the other day a friend and I were talking about some situations in our lives where that big neon sign would be even better. Both of us would love to look out and see that big bold neon sign telling us what is to happen.

Moses saw that burning bush and wondered what was happening. I wonder if I would feel that way too. But that neon sign would be the perfect way for God to direct my life. I’m so ready for my prayers to be answered and I’m continually looking for that burning bush but maybe I’m looking too hard or not in the right place at all!

Anyone else feel that way? I think I’m going to go look for that big neon sign now!!!

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