31 Days of the Word Made Flesh

Do you remember those “Choose your Own Adventure” books?

My Write 31 Days topic for this year feels a little like that. I have no doubt that my topic “31 Days of the Word Made Flesh” is exactly where God is leading me. But the funny thing is I am not exactly sure where this topic is going to go…what path it is going to lead me down. But I am trusting fully and completely that God is in control.

As a creative being and writer, one of my all-time favorite verses is John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” There is something so incredibly holy about creating and using the gifts that God has given me…whether that is to write a book, a blog post, or write poetry. (If you are a creative soul, I would highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic!”)

Over the last several years, I have met some incredible individuals who have awesome gifts. My friend Kayla who writes some of the most beautiful poetry and captures the most breathtaking photos. My friend Jason who creates awesome videos for his company Ankos Films. My friends Priscilla, Tuhina and so many others who use their gifts to write beautiful pieces of art through their writing. 
And these are only some examples. As I have watched each of us use our gifts, these words from  
John 1:1 keep reappearing in my mind.
How can we use your gifts to make the Word made flesh in our own lives? And, how else can we 
embody the Word made flesh in this broken world? Like I said, this feels kind of like a “Choose your Own Adventure Book” but I love it! 
I am excited to see where God leads us during these 31 Days of October.
(All posts will be linked up here!)
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