31 Days of Jagged Grace

The other day I was sharing with my Confirmation class about a time when my sister and I were fighting. We quickly ran down the stairs and before we knew it, the sounds of shattered glass echoed through the room. One of us had slammed the door hard enough that the window broke. We immediately blamed one another. Eventually the window in the door was fixed and whole again.

In a sermon recently preached by our synod bishop, I’m reminded how we must become broken to become whole again. That brokenness shapes us into who we are as beloved children of God. I can’t help but think of the Japanese art form kintsugi. In this art form, they put gold lacquer over the cracks and it’s where the light gets in.

This brokenness is grace that overcomes life’s obstacles. It is “Jagged Grace.” A grace that breaks forth and changes us. It is this grace that sustains us in our brokenness and makes us whole again. In the words of the Christian band Gungor, “God makes beautiful things out of dust; out of us.”

During these 31 days, I will share stories about brokenness into wholeness, about living in liminal space, and seeing through the fog of uncertainties in life. Through these stories, it is my hope and prayer that we feel the power and gift of “Jagged Grace.” A grace that reminds me that I’m never alone. Also a grace that has taught me to surrender and fall freely into God’s trusting arms.

All of my “31 Days of Jagged Grace”posts will be linked up here.

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Day 9: Fog
Day 10: Interludes
Day 11: Surrendering to the Summit
Day 12: Falling into the Trap of Comparison
Day 13: Holy Invitations
Day 14: Bigger than We Could Ever Imagine
Day 15: Sabbath Sounds #2
Day 16: Behold, I Make All Things New