Sunday Blessings 200 (Extravaganza 2018 Edition)






(1) Getting a workout in even if it was at home.

(2) Tuesday morning breakfast

(3) A visit with DJ

(4) My Style Me Lovely outfit. Love it. Thanks NV and RV!

(5) The featured writer at Jennifer Dukes Lees blog this week.

(6) Texting with my faves

(7) New glasses

(8) New Rend Collective in the mail

(9) KD giving me a ride to the airport

(10) Running into KK at the Williston airport.

(11) Finding BA at the coffee shop at the airport.

(12) Getting to see so many of my YM friends already.

(13) Hanging with RH, SS, MH and others.

(14) Coffee with BB

(15) Word and Service lunch

(16) WND lunch

(17) Coffee and Convo with MP

(18) Great times with MW, TS, GS, DH, KN and others.

(19) Some awesome workshops

(20) Meeting online friends in the flesh

(21) Rooming with IS and LB

(22) Time with MJ, JJ and ZJ

(23) Shopping with MP

(24) Watching gymnastics on tv

(25) An invitation from MD and a fun gathering.

(26) A bubble bath

(27) KD picking me up at the airport

(28) Smokehouse flavored Almond snacks

(29) Awesome conversation with NM

(30) Chatting with my daddy and Grandma on the phone.

(31) A great day off

(32) Catching up with CT for a little bit at the airport on our way home.

(33) Catching up on Nashville

(34) Relaxing

(35) A morning high five from one of my Confirmation youth.

(36) Being surrounded by SS kiddos. They wanted to be near me.

(37) Fixer Upper

(38) A beautiful PLN

To Love Despite our Differences

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung over at our Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “agree.” We would love to have you join us.

Jesus sat around the table the night before his crucifixion and death. Jesus washed their feet. He broke bread with all of them. He even sat with Judas and Peter. Judas would betray him. Peter would deny him.

The world is a place where we disagree sometimes with one another. God calls us to agree to disagree. To put aside our disagreements and simply listen to one another. For in listening we might learn and grow to understand the other side of an argument.┬áIn opening my heart, mind and soul, I’ve been molded into a woman who continually wants to learn from those that are different than her; who disagree with her.

The beautiful tapestry of the body of Christ is that we are all unique. The world would be a pretty boring place if we all looked and sounded and agreed the same. In our individuality, God simply calls us to put aside our differences; to simply love one another.