Holy Week Friday Five

Share five favorite Holy Week things, five things that are truly worshipful for you. It may be that it’s the way they are done in your congregation (or were done in a previous one). It may be your personal preparation for certain services or observances.   Breathe. Be still. Look to the week ahead, and Holy Weeks past, and imagine the worship.

Bonus: a piece of music that “is” Holy Week for you
1. Maundy Thursday! Maundy Thursday is very special because it is the text used for Diaconal Ministry. Diaconal Ministers are presented with basin and towel when they are consecrated. Just a wonderful reminder of what God has called me to do and be!

2. Our church’s senior choir always does an awesome Easter Cantata!

3. Good Friday

4. 1st Communion Milestone and Blessing for our 5th graders

5. Easter, EASTER, EASTER! 🙂

BONUS: The song “Where You There?”

Joy Not Fear (Or The Head and the Heart Part 3)

Oh how easily fear sneaks in! It’s an emotion that we all struggle with. The other day I was working on my newsletter article where I wrote about joy not fear. I talked about how fear comes into each of our lives. Ever since writing that article, I’ve been thinking about fear. As many of you know from some previous posts, I yearn SOOOOO DEEEPLY to be a mom, to have a husband, etc. I wonder what God is calling me to do and be! Am I suppose to adopt and start my family on my own? Am I suppose to wait; wait for the day that God will bring Mr. Right into my life? So many questions….but not so many answers! 😛 I have been praying about this every day since I began having this conversation in my head. I am definetely not at peace and know that I will be when God shows me the answer to my prayer. However fear plays in to because I wonder how my family etc will feel if God is calling me to this adventure and this calling. For now, I am clinging to the joy I see when friends get married, friends start having families, etc! Joy not fear………..

My good friend Bryant introduced me to a new Christian artist Jason Gray. His words speak so deeply to him. The song “Remind Me Who I Am” is something that I am clinging to. Who am I? Who has God called me to be? Who am I in this world? WHO AM I? Again trying to cling to the joy of who I am rather than to the fear of clinging to Who I am not!


Another Friday Five

1. How do you intentionally make a vital daily connection with God? What roots you and gives you life? I take time to pray every night before I go to bed! Writing, spending time with friends, etc give me life!

2. Do you have a favourite space/ place that you go to? Camp of the Cross Ministries and so many other places

3. Is there a particular passage, phrase or prayer that brings you immediately into God’s presence? So I’m totally a Lutheran gal! “Saved by grace through faith” and also Romans 14:8. I also cling to “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

4. Music- essential ingredient or distraction- discuss—Totally essential ingredient!

5. Silence and solitude or engagement with like minded others? It depends. A little of both!

Bonus, a poem, piece of inspirational prose or music that speaks to you of that vital connection… My new latest favorite Christian artist is Jason Gray! His music really speaks to me and truly keeps me connected to God!

Friday Fivin’

When have you been late or a no-show? When have you forgotten something or someone?

1. at church? I cannot remember a time when I’ve been late at church. A few times I’ve been late for some meetings because I attend a Zumba class that gets over right at 6:30 pm and is usually when the meetings start. I always leave a note to let them know Ill be there as soon as I can! I dont like being late but this is a time when I feel like it is important to my health and staying healthy!

2. at home? Since its just me….no one to be late for! 😛

3. at work? See answer 1 since I work at a church! 😛

4. with friends? I cannot honestly think of a time when I was late for something with friends! Friends, can you think of a time when I was late?

5. ? where else? Im usually an early bird!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! Cant remember the last time we had a 65 + March day in MN/ND!

Strong Women Friday Five

1. Name a woman author you very much love to read—There are too many to name! Jodi Picoult! But my favorite so far is Alison Arngrim who played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Her book called “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” made me laugh, cry, etc!

2. Name a woman from the Bible with whom you would like to enjoy a nice long coffee talk–Hmmm I think it would be Mary!

3. Name a famous woman from history with whom you would like to have lunch—Mother Theresa

4. Name a living famous or infamous woman with whom you would like to go out to dinner—My momma! My wonderful women friends! Too many to name!

5. If you could be SuperWoman (o.k., I know you already ARE) what three special powers would you like to have? (1) That I could bring about peace to the world (2) That I could stop bullying the moment it started (3) That I could bring joy to all the world!