The Man in the Mirror

The last week has been crazy with the deah of Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Michael Jackson. As my friend Mark said in his blog, it is almost impossible to not know of the death of MJ because of how crazy the media has covered his death. In a lot of ways its really made me think about and evaluate why his death has been covered so much more than others when people die each and every day, when people are mourned by their family and friends each and every day. It’s also made me wonder why so many people have felt the loss of this “king of pop.”

Now I understand that this man made great music and some pretty sweeet videos, but what is it about those things or even his life that has made so many people flock to be at his memorials? Do they truly feel connected to him through that music? Do they somehow feel like he is living their dream? Are they living vicariously through him and thus are dying vicariously through him? And as I reflect on that, I can’t help but wonder what do Michael see in “The Man in the Mirror?” Did he seriously need help?

Over the last week, I’ve had several conversations with people about this man’s death. Many of them don’t care and are sickened by the media coverage while others seem to like his music. Some feel that he is weird which yeah he looked strange and did some strange things, but isn’t he still a child of God? Now I’m not saying that this child of God should be honored more than other, but what I am saying is the man’s dead, can’t we move on to something more important so this man can rest in peace while his family grieves? Don’t we all owe each other at least that? God loves all God’s people regardless of whether we are some big pop star or a farmer or a schoolteacher.